About Us

Our Company

Since 2005, the European Management Development Institute (known as “Emadin”) has provided training and executive development for companies and organisations, globally.

Expanding activities in September 2017, the newly named Emadin Group charges itself with the acceleration of business and trade for its clients, whether they be expanding businesses, investors or organisations looking to operate in global markets.

With Dr. David Demetrius as Founder and President, Emadin and Faculty have provided training and executive development to hundreds of managers and executives around the world.

Taking David’s considerable experience in (and passion for) high-growth business and adding those of Dr. Christopher Booth in corporate development and investment, Emadin Group offers even greater resources to business owners and executives aiming to take their operations international. A global network of partners and contacts further expands these capabilities.


Our Services – brief overview

We accelerate international business, trade and investment by providing:

  • Business Services – we help you establish a standalone, cross-border operation.
  • Trade Facilitation – we develop your international trade opportunities, with you.
  • Corporate Advisory – we offer larger companies our corporate advisory and consulting services.
  • Investment – our capabilities extend to capital markets and investment management.
  • Training & Executive Development – our various courses are designed to help managers and directors to develop their skills across the entire strategic process, in short seminars or Certificate and Diploma courses.


Our Principals


Founder and President, Dr. David Demetrius, possesses considerable experience in and passion for corporate strategy, finance, governance and operation of high-growth businesses. He is equally enthusiastic about the development of the people who run these businesses. His LinkedIn profile can be seen here.
Executive Director, Dr. Christopher Booth, is an experienced corporate consultant and advisor who applies his talent in business development, marketing, finance and investment toward the advancement of every client and partner. His LinkedIn profile can be seen here.