Executive Training

Executive training

The Practice of Directing a Business

Emadin’s Certificate of Corporate Direction workshops

Need to refine your governance skills and ensure best practice in your boards? Or are you looking to accelerate your career from manager to corporate director? Then join your management peers and enhance your corporate skills in these practically oriented, highly interactive management workshops

Sharpen your skills, further your business, accelerate your career – tailored specifically to the realities of governing a business, this event is designed to allow you to progress your career and increase your success in directing a business unit.

The Certificate of Corporate Direction is our most popular workshop series ever. By helping managers and directors to accelerate their careers and grow their business units, it has already attracted ~1,000 highly motivated fast-track professionals from firms and organisations like:

  • Mundipharma (Global pharmacy group)
  • Commission of the European Union
  • Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian state oil company)
  • Delft Instruments (Netherlands)
  • United Bank Ltd (Abu Dhabi)
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service (Nigeria)
  • BHP Billiton (Global mining group)
  • Professional firms, Investment and Insurance, MFOs, Family Businesses, Startups, SMBs/PMEs/KPOs/Mittelstand companies

With content tailored specifically around the theme of practical, useful corporate governance, this event is designed to allow you to progress your career and increase your success in directing a business unit.

Should you attend?…

…Certainly if you are reaching the stage in your career where better knowing how to run a business unit is becoming – or about to become – increasingly important, feedback from previous sessions shows this workshop series will repay itself many times over.

Equally, if you are anxious to establish how your corporate governance skills should be developed or refined, this event will prove invaluable.

Here is just some of the positive feedback we have received from recent delegates:

“ [The facilitator’s] international experience and focus are an invaluable asset in helping to develop both the technical competence and leadership skills of others.”
– Non-exec director of several European companies

 “[The instructor was] a highly-professional programme leader and lecturer and a real expert in his field.”
– Professor, University of Wales

 “Good investment of my time.”
– Managing Director, independent consultancy business

– CEO of a satellite TV channel

 “Really very, very good.”
– Managing Director of a business change consultancy company

 “My interest never flagged, thanks to the great facilitator, Thanks very much for a clear and precise presentation.”
– Director of a major European charity

 “Excellent, as expected considering the vast experience of the facilitator.”
– Chairman of a Tanzanian Conservation Area Authority

 “…. has a fabulous knowledge and experience and knows how to get the message through.”
– Senior executive from the European Committee of the Regions

  “His experience is broad and his advice is always worth paying close attention to! I am happy to recommend [him…] as an instructor / mentor.”
– Professor of Management, top European Business School

 “Extremely well run, very interesting, relevant and as such highly valuable. I will recommend [the instructor] to colleagues and fully endorse [their] services.”
– Director, High Net-Worth tax and accounting practice, Belgium

Executive training

Objective of “The Certificate of Corporate Direction”

To support directors and business owners to refine their governance skills and ensure best practice in their boards; and enable managers to accelerate their transition from line manager to corporate director. Facilitated by corporate trainers with a proven track record of teaching businesspeople to direct their business units more effectively.


You’ve probably noticed that good corporate management is an increasingly key global issue? The ability to confidently – and competently – manage and direct can mean the difference between corporate and career progression or stagnation; between success and failure where start-ups are concerned; between securing a new role or missing out to an otherwise similar candidate.

Ultimately, being able to direct a business is what separates those who enjoy a successful and rewarding corporate career from those who lose sleep over seeming stagnation.

Fortunately, our latest training seminar will empower you to accelerate your management ability in just one week. If you would like to take that business unit forwards with confidence…

… and multiply your effectiveness as a business unit director, then “The Certificate of Corporate Direction” is a must-attend event.

It’s essential that current directors and managers receive appropriate coaching. Our Diploma and Certificate course topics fully cover the duties and responsibilities of directors, with further development in other key areas.

Since 2005, the European Management Development Institute (now part of the Emadin Group) continues to provide various courses designed to help managers and directors (both executive and non-executive directors) from companies of all sizes, to develop their skills across the entire strategic process from investor sourcing through to managing growth and implementing a successful exit strategy.

Who should attend?

If you are reaching the stage in your career where better knowing how to run a business unit is becoming – or about to become – increasingly important, this workshop series will equip you with invaluable tools and knowledge. If you are an established director, striving to clear blindspots in the face of the changing world of international business, this seminar will enable you to ‘sharpen the saw’. Are you a business owner, striving for better profits? Then join us at one of our 2019 training workshops!

–      We help managers understand the broad context of how business works and give practical tools to be more effective.

–      For HR directors and line managers, we help you in the development of your people.

–      For CEOs, Directors and Company Chairs, we bring current best practice to your Board and the governance of your business.

Places for this event are limited and are strictly available on a first-come, first-reserved basis. 

How to Book

We highly recommend that you discuss with us, how our workshops apply to your situation.

  1. >>>Click here to download the registration form and review the terms and conditions.
  2. Email us at info@emadin.com to organise a short call.
  3. Secure your booking by submitting the registration/payment form – or alternatively email info@emadin.com to have an invoice raised for your reservation.


 david_d     David Demetrius

David Demetrius is the founder and President of Emadin and specialises in working with companies to achieve strategic growth. He has considerable experience in the formation and development of companies in a number of European countries, as well as a sound knowledge of the financial, legal and taxation implications of various international corporate structures.

He has over 25 years experience in management of and consultancy to companies (from SMEs to large multinationals) throughout Europe, the United States, Middle East, Australia and Asia. He has worked in a wide variety of industries including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Chemicals, Household Goods and Environmental Management, and in both manufacturing and service sectors.

With a colleague, he founded a group of companies specialising in management support and consultancy services for complex or large programmes and projects, building it to annual sales of over $ 100 million with approximately 500 professional staff by the time he sold his shareholding in the group.

He has worked in many different roles covering general management, business development, finance, marketing and sales and has been heavily involved in many aspects of corporate finance including several significant acquisitions, an MBI, an MBO, preparation for a stock exchange flotation (IPO) and a major merger.

David is a member of the board of directors of several European companies and from 2000 to 2007 was the Chairman for Continental Europe of the Institute of Directors and a member of the governing Council of the Institute in the UK. He is also an honorary life member of the European Foundation for Management Development.

He has degrees in mathematics and business and is a fully qualified accountant as well as being a fellow of several professional institutes. His Doctor of Business Administration thesis was on organisational behaviour.

David speaks a good level of French and Dutch and has a working knowledge of Spanish and German as well as some Italian. He is married with two children and lives in Brussels.

mike-farmer-2     Mike Farmer

Mike has authored and co-authored seven workbooks and several monographs on specific aspects of channel and partner management. More than 7,500 participants of leading corporations have attended his seminars. Prior to his training career, he was Regional Director of Europe for CPT, MNC Director for Motorola EMEA and General Manager of Exxon Office Systems Belgium and in sales with IBM.

Mike frequently speaks for and advises governmental and private organisations. As a recognized authority on international business alliances and on management and marketing techniques, and a leading international expert on defining, developing and managing distribution channels and partners with many Fortune 500 clients, Mike will share his experiences and observations of leading companies and the issues they have encountered, how they handled them (successfully and unsuccessfully) and how you can avoid and overcome the critical challenges.

 alasdairwhite_2     Alasdair White

Alasdair White is a consultant specialising in human resource management and organisational development. He is based near Brussels in Belgium and has an international practice with clients throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East.

His clients include international banks (such as Citibank and Ecobank), insurance companies, multi-nationals (such as IBM), petroleum companies (such as ADCO), hotels (such as ITT-Sheraton), international institutions (such as the Islamic Development Bank), the European Commission and the United Nations. He also teaches Information Systems at undergraduate level in Brussels.

After 12 years experience in senior management and Board level consultancy, Alasdair White now specialises in management development, training, and quality programmes and is a recognised authority on “soft benchmarking” of HRM behaviours. He has considerable experience in, and knowledge of, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments.

A frequent speaker on management development and much in demand as a seminar leader, he is the author of Managing for Performance (1995), Continuous Quality Improvement (1996) and The Essential Guide to Developing Your Staff (1998), all published by Piatkus Books.

Educated at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, England, where he studied education and physical science, Alasdair White spent time teaching in Spain before becoming a business journalist and newspaper editor in the UK. He became a management consultant in 1984 and moved to The Netherlands in 1987. He has been in Belgium since 1992. He is a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the International Napoleonic Society.

Chris Booth     Christopher Booth

Chris Booth is an experienced corporate consultant and advisor with specific experience in marketing, strategy and finance for high-tech and innovative, high-growth businesses.

He engages with founders, executives, directors and company chairs alike, in expanding businesses and seeking entrepreneurial finance. This has been informed by his work in developing investor networks in Asia, Australia and Europe, including business angels, family offices and HNW investors, as well as VC, sovereign wealth and pension funds.

Chris is a director of several European companies and non-profit organisations. His studies were in business administration, technology management, biotechnology and applied finance. His doctoral thesis was on decision-making for investment into high-growth businesses.

Chris has a working knowledge of French, is married with two children and lives in France.

Costs & Bookings

Bookings can be accepted via our payment form using the link below – or alternatively email info@emadin.com to have an invoice raised for your reservation.

>>>>Click here to book your place now at the early booking rate

We realise that time can be short, so attendance at individual days can be arranged – contact us to discuss.


Booking Fees

The standard cost per delegate place is €2950 + VAT for the 5 days of workshops; or €600 + VAT per day registered.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation by a person enrolled in a course provided by Emadin will be refunded in full if cancellation is made more than 21 days in advance of the commencement of the course. Cancellations made less than 21 days but more than 7 days before the commencement of the course will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee. No refund will be paid for any cancellation made less than 7 days prior to the commencement of the course. Should a course be cancelled by Emadin, a full refund of any course fees paid will be made. Emadin does not accept any responsibility for any further liability whatsoever towards the course participant, his/her organisation or any third party for any consequences of a course being cancelled.