Examples of testimonials from satisfied training and executive development clients include:

My interest never flagged, thanks to the great facilitator, Thanks very much for a clear and precise presentation.

– Director of a major European charity

Good investment of my time.

– Managing Director, independent consultancy business


– CEO of a satellite TV channel

Really very, very good.

Managing Director of a business change consultancy company

Excellent, as expected considering the vast experience of the facilitator.

– Chairman of a Tanzanian Conservation Area Authority

“…. has a fabulous knowledge and experience and knows how to get the message through.”

– Senior executive from the European Committee of the Regions

“ [The facilitator’s] international experience and focus are an invaluable asset in helping to develop both the technical competence and leadership skills of others.”

– Non-exec director of several European companies

“His experience is broad and his advice is always worth paying close attention to! I am happy to recommend [him…] as an instructor / mentor.”

– Professor of Management, top European Business School

“[Emadin] invited me to attend a number of their courses aimed at the development of company directors.  Belatedly taking them up on this I attended one of the courses run in Brussels focusing on Business Strategy. It was extremely well run, very interesting, relevant and as such highly valuable. I will recommend [the instructor] to colleagues and fully endorse [their] services.”

– Director, High Net-Worth tax and accounting practice, Belgium

“Always constructive and supportive, his wide ranging experience elsewhere was a real benefit to our group.”

– Business Development Group Chair, British Chamber of Commerce

“[The instructor was] a highly-professional programme leader and lecturer and a real expert in his field.”

– Professor, University of Wales

“[The instructor] is a very experienced corporate finance specialist who is able to explain complex matters in finance and business in a concise and user-friendly way to beginners and advanced students.  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”

– Trainer, Coach, Author

“[The instructor] is a very lovely person with strongly developed interpersonal skills. He is an active, observant, and very social man, who smiles a lot and brings pleasant and positive atmosphere wherever he is. It was a pleasure of mine to work with [him]!”

– European Human Resources Business Partner,
multinational office equipment company