“What do you get out of it?”

OK, that was a slightly confrontational post title. Better to ask the inverse, as a more rhetorical question – how might we *all* be of service?

Last September, I officially joined in expanding the European Management Development Institute’s activities (Emadin, for short), with Founding President Dr. David Demetrius, Emadin’s Faculty and others in our team and networks. Christened The Emadin Group, we’re doing what we espouse in our executive training – working with businesses from all over the world, to implement best practice and accelerate the expansion of their activities internationally.

At the same time, I’ve found myself giving more widely of my hard-won knowledge and expertise (perhaps to the chagrin of my nearest & dearest), at operational and Board levels. This includes facilitating change at a large, local international school; and supporting more and more entrepreneurs in their respective ecosystems – here in Europe, in South-east Asia and back in my native Australia.

Now, I’m not an overtly self-sacrificing guy but I certainly believe in people and the good things that can be done together. Those I’m helping learn from others’ mistakes (not just my own) and are better placed to take their activities forward.  That I gain new, valuable insights from such non-revenue generating activities is a wonderful bonus, including greater cultural understanding, further exposure to local regulatory and tax regimes, making business introductions where potential synergies lay (oh, how I love these occasions!) and having engaging conversations with interesting people. That I’ve found that many of these insights can be of great benefit to our clients and networks, is a thing of beauty.

So, to rephrase the question – how are you providing service to others? What other benefits do you find come from such service?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…





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