Trade & Investment Facilitation

With your corporate vehicle and administration in place, we can bring our experience & knowledge to both charting your way forwards and sourcing trade opportunities for growing your operations around the world, including:

  • Full strategic planning support and/or formulation
  • Tactical (go-to-market) planning & execution
  • Executive or non-executive roles in finance, business development and other activities
  • Short-term rollout or long-term partnership


Further, our team’s experience & knowledge extends to capital markets and investment management:

  • Matching our network of investors with opportunities to invest in young companies and Small-to-Medium size Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Taking high-growth businesses to IPO and listing in public markets
  • Investor relations
  • Structuring, capitalisation, appropriate resourcing & management of investment funds
    • Venture capital funds (pre-seed onwards)
    • Pension funds
    • Family offices
    • General Partner and Limited Partner engagement