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'Martial Arts' for Managers


'Martial Arts' for Managers




Directors and managers wishing to discover how they communicate in tense situations and to learn to operate strategically.




  • A physically active workshop

  • A mixture of practice and theory

  • A highly interactive session




Participation in this course will lead to being able to:

  • Understand different styles of communication

  • Deal with inter-relational tensions

  • Understand the consequences of reacting by blind impulse or reflex

  • Use personal and team strength in a conscious, goal-seeking and fulfilling way

  • Lead and accept being led more constructively and more powerfully

  • Make clear choices in difficult situations


Participants will discover how they act under stress by:

  • Instructed two person short fights with boxing gloves

  • Comparison, alone and in pairs and groups, with day-to-day business situations

  • Training in coping with tense and difficult situations or conflicts and in achieving goals

  • Feedback from the trainer and the other participants

  • Instruction on the theory behind Sun Tzu's classic work ‘The Art of War'

A discount of € 100 is applied to the course fee if combined with registration for another Emadin course.

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