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Business Strategy & Decision Making



Business Strategy & Decision Making



Directors and aspiring directors who are responsible for, or contribute to, the development of business strategy and must ensure the effective allocation of resources.



  • A workshop aimed to place the discussion of the development of business strategy in the context of both privately and publicly owned companies
  • Knowledge Preparation of effective and credible business strategy by consideration of the business and its business environment

  • Training in how to evaluate the strategic options available to the business
  • Knowledge Training in resource allocation and performance evaluation associated with business strategy


Participation in this course will provide you with:

  • A clear understanding of what business strategy is, how it serves as a basis for the preparation of the business plan and how it relates to the corporate strategy of the whole organisation

  • Knowledge of the conceptual models which are available to analyse opportunities and threats to the business and the strengths and weaknesses of organisation

  • Knowledge of appropriate techniques for developing strategic options and making an appropriate strategic choice

  • A critical appreciation of the basis of resource allocation and performance evaluation of the business


  • Business strategy and industry analysis

    • The hierarchy of strategies

    • The structure of business strategy

    • Analysis of industries

    • Competition and competitors

  • Markets, customers and market driven strategies

    • The analysis of markets, customers and generic market strategies

  • Resources, competencies and competitive advantage

    • The analysis of financial resources, people and operations

    • Knowledge and innovation

    • Competencies

    • Adding value and competitive advantage

  • Finding the way forward

    • Developing strategic options and allocating resources

    • Evaluation and performance management

  • Integrative case study

This course forms a part of the three day "Directing Strategy" and "Directing Finance" modules. The other units in the modules (which can be taken separately if so desired) are:

Directing Strategy

Directing Finance


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