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The Values-driven Corporation


The Values-driven Corporation




Managing directors, CEOs, performance-oriented executives and aspiring managers who have major responsibilities and the corresponding authority at or near the top of their organization - who desire to lead their companies and organizations to new and continued growth.


An informative and practical executive workshop based on real-time, proven methodologies for developing, managing and leading a true values-driven organization

  • Lead your company through economic slumps and stagnation while achieving day-to-day results
  • Develop unbeatable and sustainable competitive advantage and success
  • Energize your employees with people-centred practices that can double productivity
  • Improve decision making - throughout the organisation
  • Identify and fill the gaps and unmet customer needs with 9 proven drivers of sustainable success to grow your business - in any circumstance.


Participation in this course will provide you with the tools to:

  • Create order out of:
    • Current business and economic slumps
    • Cross-currents on management demands
    • Short-term urgencies
    • Conflicting assignments
    • Employee demotivationprofits
  • Identify opportunities for consistent and sustainable growth and profits
  • Develop the right executive mindset for selecting business and personal direction and for setting up a platform for implementing the Values-Driven Corporation
  • Develop realistic corporate strategies, plans and action items for immediate first steps and the mid- and long term
  • Consistently increase revenue, productivity, market share and market coverage through the integration of these values throughout the eco-system (internal, business partners, suppliers and customers) - thereby sustaining the company through economic downturns and ensuring its growth during the better times
  • Receive a high degree of inspiration, an uplifting experience and at the completion, a source of well-founded optimism


  • Burning Issues in Management and Leadership
    • What's stopping your organization today
  • The Values-Driven Corporation (VDC): Why and What's the Difference?
    • A successful business model to generate growth in new and mature markets regardless of economic downturns and stagnation.
    • How to fulfil the (constantly) unfulfilled customer needs and wants
  • Defining a VDC
    • What values are essential to create and lead a winning company?
  • Creating the Foundation: Understand the Character of the Leader
    • What are the basic personal requirements?
  • Creating the Foundation: How To Become a Successful Leader - self-development and organization building
    • Basic convictions
    • Balance and development in the four quadrants
    • Tasks
  • Focus: getting it and keeping it
    • Determining your corporate and personal focus
    • Detractors and managing them
    • How to keep your eye on the road and hands on the wheel - all the time
  • Courage & Discipline
    • Discovering, building and implementing courage
    • Developing and instilling discipline proactively and constructively
  • Coaching
    • Types of coaching
    • Getting it and giving it
  • Integrity
    • Doing the right things: what's right, what's best, and sticking to it
    • Doing wrong and not knowing it
    • Doing wrong and knowing it
    • Reactions and Benefits
  • Planning your first project
  • Implementation
  • Monitor, analyze, evaluate, correct and improve
  • Integrated case study and exercises

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