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Managing in Virtual Reality


Managing in Virtual Reality



WHO SHOULD ATTEND                                          

Senior managers interested in obtaining a better understanding of the impact of networks on how organisations operate.


Delegates will gain an understanding of the potentialities of the cyber world as well as both its limitations and the challenges it raises. Their knowledge of networks and the Internet will be deepened and they will be introduced to the new structural business models that are being implemented as a result of network developments. Finally, they will be introduced to the concepts and issues that surround virtual teams and organisations and the resulting challenges.


At the end of this module, the delegates should have a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the basics of business Internet strategies and the technology that supports them. Specifically, they should understand:

  • The theory and potential of the Internet and the WWW plus the associated technology (hardware and software) as appropriate
  • Cyber strategies and their place in the overall business strategy
  • The use of the Internet in building and maintaining virtual, dispersed and deconcentrated organisations and teams
  • The new realities and challenges of the virtual world



  • Brave New Cyber World: Networks, the Internet, and some important basics. Business Models and how networks impact these. New Structural Models - Co-located to Deconcentrated. Cyber Strategies. The Cyber Marketing Model and some thoughts on websites. Information portals.
  • Using networks "intelligently": The Internet as a business enabler and catalyst. New complexities - ownership of content, censorship, and data protection. Network security issues. Cyber Tools for virtual use.
  • Management Issues: The new challenges within Dispersed and Deconcentrated Organisations. New management responsibilities. Handling conflict. Matrix Management: the need for a new management paradigm.
  • Virtual Reality: Virtual Teams. Virtual Organisations. Behavioural issues and "must do" activities. Management issues: controlling what doesn't exist. Are we really suited to virtual management? Managing new realities and new challenges. New paradoxes and paradigms. Future shock.

This is an intensive three-day seminar involving presentations and group discussion of the key issues.

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