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Knowledge Managment for Competitive Advantage


Knowledge Managment for Competitive Advantage


Senior managers and anyone interested in obtaining competitive advantage from the knowledge within an organisation.


Delegates will gain an understanding of the changing nature of organisational knowledge, how this can be captured and utilised to provide competitive advantage in the market place. They will also gain a clear understanding of the limitations of and the need to avoid dependence on information systems. Finally, they will obtain an understanding of the concept of a learning organisation.


At the end of this programme, the delegate should have gained a theoretical and practical understanding of the use of Information Systems for competitive advantage as part of the business strategy. In particular, they should understand:

  • the decision making process and how this is impacted by the available corporate information systems
  • the need for a total IS strategy and how it fits in the overall business model
  • information as a company asset - data mining, knowledge management and knowledge transfer
  • networked and virtual companies including inherent privacy issues, data protection and cross border liabilities and constraints
  • the need for security and the methods of implementing it
  • data protection legislation


  • Behavioural Psychology and Decision Making: Understanding the decision making process. The use of information systems in the decision making process and how different people handle information and data in different ways. The dangers of group think. Synergistic decision-making.
  • Systems and Processes: What systems are needed within an organisation and how to use these for competitive advantage. Protection against loss. Control and Security. Future Shock.
  • Organisational Knowledge: What is knowledge and how is it derived? How do we capture knowledge? Roadblocks and others reasons for KM failure. KM in a deconcentrated world. The Knowledge Paradox. Learning organisations. The Development Paradox. Virtuality and its impact. Managing people in a KM environment. Knowledge as an organisational asset.
  • Data Protection Legislation: Conflicting approaches around the world. The European Union Data Protection Act. Implications of Data Protection in strategic terms. The Proportionality Principle. Data sharing across borders.

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